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Glasvegas frontman admits to drug overdose

By | Published on Tuesday 8 March 2011


Glasvegas frontman James Allan has revealed that the real reason his band cancelled a number of US shows in 2009 was because he had suffered a drug overdose.

When the band failed to play their set at Coachella that year, despite having arrived at the festival site, the official line given was that Allan was “suffering from exhaustion and dehydration”. Well he would be if he’d just ODed.

Speaking to The Sun, the musician said: “It’s funny the fancy names people come up with when somebody has an overdose … I was no use to nobody. But that’s just part of living, whether that scares people or whatever, I dunno”.

Allan’s festival overdose anecdote came up as he promotes new Glasvegas album ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\’, which is due for release on 4 Apr through Sony/Columbia. Meanwhile, if you’d like a fine soundtrack for your own overdose, why not try this Powers Of Ten playlist recently compiled by Allan’s bandmate and cousin Rab Allan.