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Global Repertoire Database group announces consultation

By | Published on Thursday 29 September 2011


The Global Repertoire Database Working Group has launched a stakeholder engagement and scoping study. Which might read like the dullest sentence ever written, but this is potentially very important.

As previously reported, the Working Group is a consortium of rights owners and digital companies looking into launching a global database of songs which will list each work’s owners in each territory, a potentially very valuable resource which really should have been set up years ago. The 20 week industry-wide consolation will consider technical, business, organisation, funding and governance issues around such a database.

Says Neil Gaffney, Executive Vice President of EMI Music Publishing, one of the rights owners involved: “It is a real achievement for this group of representative stakeholders in the GRD to be able to work together in the development of a clear set of common requirements and to so readily agree a way forward. Our consensual approach will be taken forward into the Study, which envisages the involvement of a much broader stakeholder community”.