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By | Published on Wednesday 25 November 2020

CMU Trends PDFs

Don’t forget you can get more CMU by going premium and getting access to the CMU Trends library and the weekly CMU Digest.

CMU Trends is a series of guides that explain the inner workings of the music industry, and analyse key developments in the music business. Making up the core of the CMU Library, they are a great way to navigate and understand how the wider music industry works, with guides to download on copyright, licensing, streaming, sync, piracy, record deals, ticketing and music marketing.

CMU Digest is the super concise weekly news round up for the super busy music industry person who just needs to know what the five biggest developments in the business have been in the last week. We identify the stories and provide all the info you need about them in just one paragraph. A new CMU Digest is published first thing every Monday morning.

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