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Gold Panda and Simian Mobile Disco collaborate on Selling

By | Published on Friday 12 October 2018


Derwin Dicker, aka Gold Panda, and Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco, have announced a new project called Selling. They will be, well, selling their first album together, ‘On Reflection’, from 14 Dec.

“Selling was made for fun, really as an excuse to get Derwin to come to my house and drink tea”, says Shaw. “I like to think that enjoyment is audible in the record. I have always enjoyed how natural and unschooled Derwin’s approach to music is. I know that sounds like some sort of veiled insult but it’s not at all, electronic music is littered with well constructed, sensibly arranged tracks that follow a logical harmonic theme, almost all of that music can get fucked”.

Dicker adds: “I’ve always been a solo artist … when you work on your own, you’re highly critical of what you make because it’s all yours, and there’s no one else to enjoy it with. It can feel like work very quickly. [The Selling album is] the most immediate and natural record I’ve ever made. I never thought I would be a collaboration person, but I guess it’s finding the right person to make a record with”.

The first single from the album, ‘Keeping Txme’, is out now. Have a watch of the video here: