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Google Play Music comes to iOS

By | Published on Monday 18 November 2013

Google Play

Google has launched an iOS version of its Google Play Music app in Apple’s App Store. This gives iOS users access to Google’s digital locker and streaming services.

Back in May, Google’s Sundar Pichai told AllThingsD’s D11 conference that Google’s music service would hit Apple devices “soon”, saying then that the app was a matter of weeks away. It’s possible (or rather, highly likely) that the delays arose from similarities to Apple’s own music services, and the tricky issue of billing – Apple demanding 30% of all subscription payments through apps running on its devices.

It’s also likely that this is the reason why you can’t actually set up a new subscription with the All Access streaming service within the app. Instead, you must sign up via the Google Play Music website or Android app, before updating the settings in the iOS app. It’s also not possible to manage the scan-and-match element of Google’s digital locker within the iOS product.

If you fancy having a go on it, you can download the Google Play Music iOS app here.