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Google to phase out Songza having added its functionality to its own streaming service

By | Published on Thursday 3 December 2015


Google will phase out the Songza brand next month, encouraging users to move over to Google Play Music, to which they will be able to transfer things like their playlists.

As previously reported, Google bought personalised radio service Songza in July last year, subsequently utilising the digital start-up’s expertise to ramp up the curation tools in its own streaming service that operates under the Google Play umbrella.

Then in June this year, Google Play added a free-to-use personalises radio option to its streaming platform in the US, which was basically a full integration of the Songza experience within its own ecosystem.

Which perhaps makes the news that the standalone Songza website and app will be phased out on 31 Jan unsurprising. The development takes another digital music brand out of service, even if its functionality lives on within Google Play Music.