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Google tries to input on ReDigi case

By | Published on Friday 3 February 2012


The US court hearing the previously reported legal squabble between EMI and ReDigi, the slightly controversial MP3 resale service, has rejected a submission from Google.

The web giant made an amicus curiae filing with the court hearing the case, saying that while it had no vested interest on either side, it felt that any ruling could impact on wider ‘cloud computing’ services, such as its own digital locker business presumably, and that it was concerned that if the judge gave a summary judgement in favour of EMI, which wants all of its content removed from the ReDigi site and damages, then important issues will not be properly considered and dangerous precedents may be set.

According to Digital Music News, Google’s submission said: “A premature decision on incomplete facts could create unintended uncertainties for the cloud computing industry. The continued vitality of the cloud computing industry – which constituted an estimated $41 billion dollar global market in 2010 – depends in large part on a few key legal principles that the preliminary injunction motion implicates”.

EMI’s legal reps objected to Google trying to influence the case, and the judge overseeing the dispute agreed, refusing to consider the web giant’s submission. Though whether that means EMI will get a quick summary judgement in its favour remains to be seen.