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Gorillaz bassist Murdoc to livestream cocktail mixing masterclass

By | Published on Tuesday 22 November 2022


How often have you mixed yourself a vodka martini of an evening and wished that an animated character would tell you how you could do it better? Loads, right? You’ve tried shaking, you’ve tried stirring, now you’re all out of ideas. Well, thankfully, Gorillaz bassist Murdoc is here to tell you what ingredient you’ve been missing all these years. Spoiler: it’s pickles, apparently.

Gorillaz launched their own limited edition Smirnoff bottle design last month, publishing recipes for cocktails designed around each of the band’s animated members at the same time. Apparently people need help making the Vodka Murdini though, so the latest stage of the collaboration is a video tutorial from Murdoc himself.

“Would you like to know the secret to my signature cocktail, The Vodka Murdini?” asks the cartoon musician. “Or maybe you just want to see me shaking one of those cocktail things while I spin inspiring yarns and solve all your problems? Then tune in to my live mixology masterclass with Smirnoff! Not into cocktails or top-draw banter? Just sit back and behold my dazzling new tuxedo!”

Head of Smirnoff GB, Mark Jarman, adds: “When we blend our creativity with our partners, we create innovative and disruptive new experiences for audiences to enjoy. Gorillaz are entertainment originators and real pioneers. This masterclass is a true testament to the endless possibilities that arise from embracing the true power of originality”.

The video will be livestreamed at 6pm UK time on 24 Nov, via the Gorillaz YouTube channel. To mix along at home, you will need to have with you a cocktail shaker, jigger, ice, a martini glass, vermouth, olive brine, pickles and some vodka. They suggest Smirnoff No 21 vodka, but any old shit will do.

There will also be a live Q&A with Murdoc after he’s mixed the drink, so you’ve got something to look at while you sip your creation and munch on your pickle (not a euphemism). And if you’re wondering why there’s a pickle in this cocktail, it’s because Murdoc’s nickname is Pickle, on account of his green skin.