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Gotye not running for parliament. Spoilsport.

By | Published on Monday 8 September 2014


Hey remember the time it seemed like Gotye and his band The Basics were going to run for state parliament in Victoria, Australia, as part of a party named the Basics Rock N Roll Party? Remember that? Well if so, just go and forget it. Because they aren’t.

Gotye, real name Wally De Backer, told Australian radio on Friday, according to The Independent: “I am not running for parliament in Victoria, as some publications have been not even implying but actually stating”.

It’s true, we didn’t even imply but did actually state that. Well, we said it was “a plan”. But where did all this talk of De Backer collaborator Kris Schroeder saying he was forming a political movement jolly well come from then?

Well, continues Gotye: “The facts are that my other band The Basics, with my good friends and musical cohorts Tim Heath and Kris Schroeder, have considered forming a political party in Victoria called The Basics Rock N Roll party”.

So it’s true! But: “As of the moment, the party doesn’t exist, we have not registered yet, we have almost the membership interest to be able to register that party”.

So maybe we all jumped the gun by implying (wasn’t it stating?) that Gotye would be in the Victoria parliament by Christmas.

Though since all those stories broke last week support for The Basics Rock N Roll Party has seemingly been rallying online (albeit not all from within Victoria itself), and if the band can get their party registered in time, it seems that Schroeder might – might, mind – run in said election in November. Or at some point in the future.

Maybe. Perhaps. Who knows? We’re implying nothing, it’s all your inference.