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Grateful Dead organic deodorant launched

By | Published on Monday 22 June 2020

Grateful Dead

If you’ve ever wanted to smell a little bit more like the Grateful Dead, well good news, people! A company called North Coast Organics has started selling official Grateful Dead branded deodorant because, well, I don’t know, why not I suppose. Hey, at least it’s organic!

“We are beyond THRILLED to be collaborating with the Grateful Dead”, says the company, about its new five scent collection of deodorants bearing the band’s name. The company’s founder, Nathan Morin, is a fan, see. Or a Dead Head to use the preferred term.

“The music and spirit of the Grateful Dead have influenced my company’s core principles of service, veganism, and organic agriculture”, he says, according to Stereogum. “The Grateful Dead have inspired us to stay true to our main mission of social responsibility. We took care in creating special essential oil blends that reference the Grateful Dead’s music”.

Giving official endorsement to the Grateful Dead smellies, David Lemieux – who manages the band’s legacy and archive – adds: “Along with our love of the music, Dead Heads also often identify themselves as socially and environmentally conscious, and with that awareness is a love of the world around us, and the desire to help protect it”.

“That goes for ourselves as well”, he goes on. “As much as it’s important to be mindful of what we put into our bodies, it’s also essential to be aware of what we put onto our bodies. We’re so happy that a company like North Coast Organics exists, as they share our love of organic, healthful products for the body. Ethical and kind, North Coast Organics lives and functions as we do, with an awareness that the future’s here, we are it, and we need to take care of the planet and ourselves”.

You can get yourself some Grateful Dead deodorant here, if that makes you happy.