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Grimes appears in Stella McCartney perfume ad

By | Published on Tuesday 26 April 2016


Grimes has appeared in an advert for Stella McCartney’s new perfume Pop, which, other than probably smelling alright, it being sold on the fact that its boxes are made from trees grown in sustainable forests.

“Sustainability in fashion stuff is something I really care about; that’s one of the reasons I like Stella so much. Not something that sort of exists for the sake of aesthetics but something that exists because someone cares about it”, says Grimes in the ad. “I actually feel like my friends are the best cos they always tell me when my shit sucks. I take what they say into consideration more than anyone else probably. I mean, I think friendship is important to all non-sociopaths. I guess humans need friendship to live”.

Indeed. Though I’m not sure what that really has to do with the perfume or its boxes. Try to work it out for yourself by watching the ad here: