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Grimes defends Elon Musk’s business practices

By | Published on Wednesday 23 May 2018


Grimes has addressed fan concerns over her fledgling relationship with entrepreneur and Tesla boss Elon Musk. Some simply think their differing views on economics make them incompatible, while others have specific issues with his business practices.

“I can respect a capitalist when they throw the phuck down on creating cheaper safer public transit, taking humans to space, movin the world into clean energy, fightin for [universal basic income] etc”, she said in one of a number of now deleted tweets. “Humans with differing views on economics often hang out”.

Over claims that Musk refuses to allow his factory staff to join unions, she added: “He has never prevented them from unionising. It’s quite literally fake news. Trust me, I’ve investigated this heavily and even visited factories”.

She added that she didn’t mind people raising issues, saying: “I respect yall’s commitment to social justice. We all gotta work to make the world better. I’ll stay on my game too”. Although she then cut off the conversation there, saying that she didn’t want to “answer more questions cuz who I’m dating is irrelevant to my music”.

Subsequently she said that she was deleting all of her tweets on the matter because “this is way too nuanced of a convo to have over Twitter”. Which I think is a good rule of thumb for all conversations on Twitter.

In other Grimes news, she’s also said that she’s changing her birth name – Claire – to C. Except you’ll have to write it lower case and in italics to be ‘on brand’. Although she’s already run into issues with that styling on Twitter, before even filing any paperwork.