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Grooveshark app pulled from Google store again

By | Published on Tuesday 4 September 2012


So, there it was, and then there it wasn’t. As previously reported, an official Grooveshark app reappeared in the Google Play store last week, over a year after the controversial streaming music service’s original app for Android devices was removed because of complaints from major record companies, which accuse Grooveshark of copyright infringement.

Grooveshark implied that it had been working with Google to get back onto the official Android store, though the web giant made no comment. And then within three days the Grooveshark app was withdrawn from Google Play, again with no comment from the web firm. Though Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino has confirmed that the app has definitely been withdrawn, adding that he doesn’t know why.

The Wall Street Journal has noted that, unlike Apple, Google does not manually check every Android app before putting them live in its store, but will deal with any complaints made about apps as and when they are received. So what seems likely is that Grooveshark sneaked its app back into Google Play on the quiet, coverage of it resulted in immediate complaints by the majors, and so the app was pulled.

Grooveshark, of course, disputes claims by the major record companies that it enables copyright infringement, and a lawsuit between Universal, Sony and Warner and the digital firm is ongoing.