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Guns N Roses could face seventy grand fine over curfew break

By | Published on Monday 18 October 2010

Promoters of last week’s Guns N Roses gigs at the O2 Arena could face fines of over £70,000 after the band ran well over the venue’s 11pm curfew.

According to reports, over two nights the has-been rockers overran a total of three hours past the venue’s curfew, and The O2’s management confirmed to reporters that a fine would now likely be charged by the local council. The Sun reckons that when Lady Gaga went 25 minutes passed the same curfew earlier this year her promoters were charged £10,000, or £400 a minute. By that logic the tab reckons Guns N Roses’ people could face a £72,000 fine.

Though one would assume GnR’s promoters budgets for such things, the band being unable to ever get on stage on time.