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Guns N Roses definitely playing Reading and Leeds, yes

By | Published on Friday 20 August 2010

Despite the fact that the band themselves are yet to make any statement on the matter, and the rogue tweet that announced the cancellation of their upcoming UK tour is still online, Melvin Benn is still insisting that Guns N Roses are playing Reading and Leeds at the end of the month. To be fair, they probably are, but if you don’t build a bit of drama into these things, what’s the point?

Benn told NME: “I’m absolutely confident about them showing up. There were probably four or five emails back and forth between 1am and 3am Monday morning. [Guns N Roses’] agent was absolutely clear that [the Tweet] was false – it wasn’t true. I think he was in the UK, but I think he’d spoken to Axl and he came back and said it was a false alarm”.

He added: “Axl confirmed to the agent and the agent confirmed to us. When you look at the Twitter transactions, Axl’s Twittering is pretty infrequent and has generally been from a mobile phone. This wasn’t in Axl’s style. I didn’t know it was still on. I don’t know why it hasn’t been deleted. It certainly is completely untrue”.

The tweet in question was actually posted from a mobile phone, but whatever. It wasn’t from an iPhone, and that, my dear friends, is how Axl rolls.