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Guvera partners with 7digital

By | Published on Wednesday 11 June 2014


Streaming radio service Guvera has announced a partnership with 7digital, using the British company’s platform to aid expansion into India and the Middle East.

Currently available in the US and Australia, Guvera – originally launched in 2009 – offers a personalised radio service through Lenovo mobile handsets and Onkyo net-connected hi-fi hardware. Similar to 7digital’s recent partnership with Onkyo, Guvera will draw on 7digital’s music catalogue and technology as it launches in new territories.

Guvera’s Vice Chairman, Michael de Vere, said: “The Guvera service will offer millions of legally licensed tracks for both on-demand and ad-supported radio style streams. The Guvera app will be available for users in India, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates in the coming months. Guvera is thrilled to be partnering with 7digital and looks forward to offering a unique and quality product to the people of the Middle East and India”.

7digital’s Chief Strategy Officer Ben Drury added: “The agreements with Onkyo and Guvera demonstrate the strength of our platform which has been refined over the past ten years and now sets the industry standard when it comes to providing seamless access to digital music. As the majority of consumers start to embrace music streaming, HD and download services, 7digital will look to maintain its first-mover advantage by working with high profile partners like Onkyo and Guvera to make 7digital the first choice for anyone looking to offer their customers straightforward access to the latest digital music services”.

The announcement of the new partnership came yesterday as 7digital listed itself on the good old AIM stock exchange, where it’s occupying the slot formerly used by UBC Media Group, the media production company with which the digital music firm recently merged.