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Guy Moot’s role expanded at Sony/ATV

By | Published on Friday 17 March 2017

Guy Moot

Music publishing major Sony/ATV has announced that Guy Moot – previously President Of European Creative – will now be President Of Worldwide Creative. Which mainly adds North America to his creative brief, Europe and North America famously constituting the world of course.

We’re talking all of North America here. Well, except Nashville. But all of North America except Nashville. Oh, and except Miami. But all of North America except Nashville and Miami. Oh, and except Latin America. Which technically means Mexico – it being the intersection of North America and Latin America – though this announcement possibly means deals done in the US relating to Latin American talent. But all of North America except Nashville, Miami and Latin America. Worldwide hey, how exciting.

Moot also retains his second job as MD of Sony/ATV in the UK, and that really is for the whole of the UK. Even if the whole of the UK doesn’t want to be in the UK, he’ll MD the fuck out of the whole of the UK until the very minute when there isn’t a whole of the UK to MD anymore.

“Guy Moot is someone I have had the pleasure of working with for many years and he stands out as one of the genuine A&R executive superstars of the worldwide music industry”, says Sony/ATV boss dude Marty Bandier. “His creative leadership for Sony/ATV in the UK and Europe has been exceptional and I am excited that he will now get a chance to fully utilise his creative talents in the US”.

Technically Moot’s creative leadership in Europe includes his creative leadership in the UK, of course, but we’re never ones to dwell on geographic technicalities here at CMU. Oh no.

“Since living in New York in the 90s I’ve always maintained a close working relationship with the US”, says the Moot himself. “I am looking forward to spending even more time there. For me this new role perfectly mirrors the industry in 2017 when many songwriters are travelling the world to collaborate with writers in other markets and a hit song can now emerge from absolutely anywhere. It means the modern A&R executive has to stay on top of a variety of markets and connect people from different territories”.

Which, as excuses for more transatlantic trips go, is a decent try. Well done everybody.