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Hackers post a naked Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez’s Instagram

By | Published on Wednesday 30 August 2017

Selena Gomez admitted earlier this year that, since becoming the most followed celeb on Instagram, she has basically stepped back from photo sharing platform and now has an assistant managing the account.

Presumably said assistant had a fun Monday this week, given that was the day hackers successfully hacked their way into the actress/singer’s Instragram profile and posted naked photos of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The naked snaps weren’t new. They were the full frontal pap shots¬†first published in 2015¬† showing Bieber wandering around naked during a holiday in Bora Bora. The pop boy said at the time “I feel super violated”. Though he added that it was “hilarious” that his own father had used the publication of the photos to positively critique his dick on Twitter.

The caption provided by the hackers under the photo on Gomez’s Instagram profile was somewhat less complimentary.

Though it did then direct people to another page on the social network adding “we run da scene”, heavily implying a hack had occurred, and that neither Gomez nor her Instagram assistant had actually decided that now was the perfect time to dig out some old naked photographs of her ex-boyfriend and share them with the world at large.

Instead, the star’s Instagrammer-in-chief quickly disabled the account, removed the Bieber cock shots, changed the password, and got back to the business of entertaining Gomez’s 125 million Instagram followers with bland photos of fully clothed individuals. And so life can continue as normal.