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Hargreaves to meet face-to-face with smaller stakeholders

By | Published on Wednesday 16 February 2011

Ian Hargreaves

The Prof, you know, Ian Hargreaves, the geezer hired by David Cameron to write yet another review of UK copyright law – possibly for Google’s benefit, or at least that’s what certain record industry types seem to fear – has announced he will take short face-to-face submissions from various smaller interested parties on 28 Feb at the London HQ of the Intellectual Property Office.

The ‘call for evidence’ stage of the review ends of 4 Mar, and the music industry is expected to make its submission via UK Music. The big trade bodies for other content and digital industries are expected to likewise make submissions, as will those lobby groups who advocate copyright reform. But the open surgery day will allow smaller stakeholders to present their opinions directly to the prof as well.

Hargreaves is aiming to present the result of his review to government in April. Before that, he’ll speak at a conference called Cr8net at the Royal Institution in London on 24 Mar.