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Harry Styles fans turn O2 into “massive Pride flag”

By | Published on Friday 13 April 2018

Harry Styles

Two Harry Styles fans have spoken about lighting the O2 Arena up like a rainbow when the former One Directioner played the London venue earlier this week.

As Styles performed his song ‘Sweet Creature’, different sections of the audience lit up in different colours to create a rainbow effect in the u-shaped auditorium. It was initially assumed that this had been an official part of the show, but the two fans who actually put it together have now spoken to Metro about their months of work to pull it all off.

The light show was created by fans holding up their phones with different pieces of coloured paper held over the lit screens. The plan was announced back in January, with a seating plan showing fans what colour paper to bring with them. But on the night, the two women behind the idea also handed out thousands of pieces of paper and instructions to ensure it came off.

“In October 2017 we suggested we do a project for Harry during the London shows and we came up with an idea of creating a massive pride flag”, they tell Metro. “We counted how many seats there are in each row in each block so everyone would get a colour. I have personally done 14,000 of those small instructions with colours. The whole preparation took us three months. Last night our small project team walked around the arena and gave the colours to the audience”.

It didn’t go off entirely without a hitch though. The pair say that around 5000 pieces of paper they were attempting to hand out where confiscated by security. But that wasn’t enough to stop the colourful effect once Styles started singing ‘Sweet Creature’.

It’s an impressive thing to pull off. Particularly, as the two women claim, they did it entirely without the knowledge of Styles and his team. And unlike Coldplay’s glowbands, bits of paper don’t cost millions of pounds and then take on a life of their own.