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Harry Styles slips on kiwi during London show

By | Published on Thursday 2 November 2017

Harry Styles

Harry Styles narrowly avoided CERTAIN DEATH on the second night of his two night run at the Hammersmith Apollo this week, when he slipped on a kiwi fruit that had been thrown onto the stage.

Apparently fans have started wasting delicious kiwi fruits – also known as the Chinese gooseberry, by the way – in order to silently request that Styles perform his song ‘Kiwi’. I wasn’t aware that he had a song called ‘Kiwi’ until now. I didn’t get that far into his utterly dreadful solo album that you all thought was so fucking clever.

Because the world is entirely fucked, the moment he slipped and his subsequent realisation of what had happened was captured from multiple angles and then placed on the internet by fans. Kiwi’s having apparently never been an issue for him before, Styles noted that they “could end up being a problem”.

“Quick thing”, Styles announced to his audience, beginning a bit of mid-show admin. “As some of you may have seen, I may have slipped over on … an actual kiwi fruit [that was] thrown on stage. There was a green seedy mush on the floor. Oh, there’s another one. This could end up being a problem”.

“Did anyone else bring a fruit to the show”, he asked, thinking quickly. A positive response was returned. “Shame on you”, he replied. He then mopped up the mess to avoid further potential falls.

Of course, Styles isn’t the only pop star to end up having objects representing the titles of his songs thrown at him. Back in 2011, Bruno Mars had to request that fans stop throwing plastic grenades onto the stage when he performed ‘Grenades’, as it was starting to freak his band out. If anything, Styles has got off lightly.