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Heart launches “feel good” 80s station on digital

By | Published on Tuesday 14 March 2017


You know how you were saying just this morning, “fuck me, if only someone, anyone, somebody, a person somewhere in this reality we call existence, could just provide to me, at the flick of a switch – a small switch preferably, a switch that requires a light flick to be switched – with a steady flow of non-stop feel good 80s classics, and maybe an occasional well-made and only slightly annoying commercial, then how wonderful would that be”? You said that right? Or was that someone else? Someone definitely said it. Maybe it was Brian. Can someone forward this report to Brian? Who’s Brian again?

Anyway, Global Radio has just launched Heart 80s which will play “non-stop feel good 80s classics” while “extending the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand”. It’s available on Digital One, ie the national digital radio network. And did I mention it will play “non-stop feel good 80s classics”? And that Jason Donovan will present a show on Sunday mornings where he will, and I quote, “turn up the feel good”? Brian is going to be ecstatic.

Here’s Global boss Ashley Tabor with a quote: “Heart 80s is a brand new radio station for the UK – there’s no other 80s station on D1, and no other 80s station in the UK focused on feel good 80s hits. Global is committed to DAB digital radio and to the D1 platform. Our investment in building audiences on D1 is an important part of our strategy to drive DAB digital radio take up. This is a very exciting time for the Heart brand and for Global”.