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Here’s another inconclusive article about the possibility of a Spice Girls tour

By | Published on Tuesday 6 March 2018

Spice Girls

Craig David said last week that the Spice Girls have no business speaking to young people these days. But what do young people actually think? Specifically, the children of the Spice Girls.

“I think they have mixed feelings”, says Mel C in a new interview with the Mirror. “[But] all of them like the idea … the children are super proud of their mums”.

Does that mean the Spice Girls have now decided what form their reunion is actually going to take? No, it does not. They are still “talking” about what to do next.

“We think it is a very powerful year for women in general and it seems very fitting to get our act together and be a part of that”, she says. “We are at a point now where we really respect each other and appreciate each other and it feels like a really good time for us girls. That’s why we feel quite positive about moving forwards”.

As for a reunion tour, that remains firmly up in the air. Manager Simon Fuller recently seemed to hint that dates might go on without one member of the group. That will not be the case, says Mel C. It’s all five or nothing. There she goes again, blocking the way.

Or not. Despite once writing an essay on why the Spice Girls shouldn’t reunite, she’s not sure why everyone thinks it’s her fault whenever they don’t get back together.

“I’m always a little bit puzzled why I get the blame”, she says. “The thing is, when we spoke a couple of years ago, I was a little bit uncomfortable that it wasn’t the full five, and I still feel like that. If we were to go on stage again, I truly believe it has to be all five – five or nothing. I don’t think it does the band or the fans justice otherwise”.

I hope it ends up that this reunion is just a series of vague interviews like this for a whole year. Compiled into a stocking filler book come Christmas.