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Hesse’s move to Bertelsmann confirmed

By | Published on Thursday 1 December 2011


German media conglom and BMG co-owner Bertelsmann yesterday confirmed it is hiring Thomas Hesse, the former BMG exec who is currently Global Digital President of Sony Music, having joined the Sony record company when it merged with the original BMG record company in 2004. In his new role, which will begin next February, he will oversee global and digital expansion for the whole of the Bertelsmann group.

Confirming the appointment, Bertelsmann Chairman Gunter Thielen told reporters: “In Thomas Hesse, we are gaining a top-notch, internationally renowned executive for Bertelsmann’s Executive Board. With his expertise, he will provide valuable impetus for Bertelsmann’s further development and help to increase the company’s value long-term”.

Thomas Rabe, Bertelsmann CFO, who is about to be promoted to the role of CEO, said: “Thomas Hesse knows Bertelsmann very well from his earlier work and is well acquainted with the international media world. He brings to his new position a high level of expertise and a profound understanding of the digital challenges a global media company faces”.

Hesse was formerly a close colleague of Rabe, so the former’s return to the German media firm as the latter takes the top job there is not really a surprise, especially given the recent departure of Rolf Schmidt-Holtz from the CEO role at Sony, he being another former Bertelsmann exec with whom Hesse enjoyed a particularly good working relationship.