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HMV and Waterstones merge staff conferences

By | Published on Friday 8 October 2010

Given both the music and book retail sectors are flagging, it would make sense for the HMV Group to more closely align, or maybe even merge, its two retail brands, HMV and Waterstones. Can it really justify having two separate stores on every high street, especially if eBooks take off and both chains need less floor space?

And there are signs from within the HMV Group that such a move is already underway. For starters, the new Waterstones logo unveiled back in May is basically the ‘m’ of the HMV logo spun around 180 degrees.

And now the company has merged the annual conferences it holds for store managers in both retail chains, with both HMV and Waterstones employees amassing on Hammersmith this week. Group spokesman Gennaro Castaldo told CIT: “We want to bring together all elements of the business because there is a strategic underlying remit to demonstrate how the whole business is working together”.