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HMV launches consumer electronics push

By | Published on Friday 21 October 2011


HMV boss Simon Fox has been talking a lot in the last year about how the future of his entertainment retail business lies in gadgets, and that strategy is about to become much more obvious today as the company launches a big marketing push around its consumer technology stock.

A Justice-soundtracked new ad campaign focuses in particular on the headphones, speakers and tablet devices now being stocked across HMV’s network of 250 stores, many of which have been rejigged to stock more techie products. The campaign apparently encourages shoppers to “touch it, watch it, hear it, feel it, play it, wear it, live it, think of slightly snappier slogan”.

The new ad campaign kicks off a critical three months for HMV, which needs a better Christmas period to satisfy bankers Fox’s strategy for turning round the fortunes of the flagging entertainment retailer can work.