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HMV shuts one of its Birmingham stores, but no more

By | Published on Friday 7 September 2012


HMV is not shutting nine more stores, despite what you might have read on the internet yesterday. Of course every fashionable celeb has to be the victim of at least one death hoax on the net these days, so perhaps yesterday’s rumours will help improve the street cred of the struggling retail firm.

HMV is shuttering one more of its stores, in central Birmingham, where it has had two shops until now (actually, originally three). With the lease on its High Street store in the city up for renewal, the retailer has decided to focus its efforts on its other nearby base in the Bullring shopping centre.

Seemingly the ‘nine HMV shops to close’ story originated with a West Midlands website, which had presumably heard about the High Street store closure on the grapevine, and then unknowingly stumbled across an old online press release or news report from February 2011, shortly after nine HMV stores were indeed closed. Certainly the HMV spokesman quote the site ran came from that month.

Of course HMV did downsize its store portfolio quite considerably in early 2011 as it battled to reduce debts and placate bankers, though such prolific cut backs have not been seen of late.