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HMV staff in Limerick continue sit-in over wages

By | Published on Friday 18 January 2013


A sit-in is ongoing in two branches of HMV in Limerick where staff are trying to get a commitment from the collapsed retail firm that unpaid wages will be paid.

As previously reported, while HMV stores in the UK are still open as administrators at Deloitte try to find a buyer for some or all of the failed entertainment retail business, in Ireland the company was put into receivership earlier this week and its sixteen stores were shut with immediate effect.

But staff in the retailer’s two stores in Limerick refused to leave their place of work after bosses were unable to assure them that they would be paid the wages they are due, which includes work done over the Christmas break. And as of 10am this morning that sit-in continued, staff having spent two nights sleeping in the two stores.

On Twitter, staff at the HMV in Limerick’s Crescent Shopping Centre tweeted yesterday: “We just want what we’re owed. The shop is profitable and we’ve been let down by our UK counterparts”, later clarifying “we just want a written guarantee that we will get paid”.

According to RTE, Deloitte has said that the receiver appointed to deal with the HMV situation in Ireland would be talking to employees in all the firm’s stores, partly to assess the validity of the business, and partly to consider “options to facilitate payments to staff”. It’s not clear, though, how soon those conversations will take place, nor how soon any proper clarification on the wage situation will be forthcoming.