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HMV to open service station store

By | Published on Tuesday 1 April 2008


For me the whole point of shops at service stations is that the only CDs they sell are those classic rock compilations you never see anywhere else – though I’m told most service stations have a much better range of CDs to buy these days. And that’s likely to improve even more so with the news that HMV is opening a service station store. The music retailer will open a shop at the Stop 24 service station just before the Channel Tunnel on the M20.

Confirming the move into service station retail, HMV Property Director Mark Bowles told reporters yesterday: “We thought this was a really interesting opportunity that was worth exploring. Our existing travel-based outlets in airport terminals and train stations all trade successfully, so it’s evident there is an appetite for purchasing music, films and games on the go in this way. Stop 24 is very well located for the high volume of traffic passing through to the Eurotunnel and the ferry ports, and if it performs to our expectations, it may well encourage us to consider other auto-route locations in future”.