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Holly Herndon collaborates with AI on new album, Proto

By | Published on Tuesday 12 March 2019

Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon has announced details about her new album ‘Proto’. The record will, as hinted at last year, see her collaborate with artificial intelligence on creating new music, as well as various humans too.

“There’s a pervasive narrative of technology as dehumanising”, says Herndon. “We stand in contrast to that. It’s not like we want to run away; we’re very much running towards it, but on our terms. Choosing to work with an ensemble of humans is part of our protocol. I don’t want to live in a world in which humans are automated off stage. I want an AI to be raised to appreciate and interact with that beauty”.

‘Proto’ is out on 10 May, and you can watch the video for new single, ‘Eternal’, here: