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Peter Hook not happy as @joydivision goes live without him being told

By | Published on Thursday 18 September 2014

Peter Hook

Peter Hook is pissed off with his former New Order bandmates. Which is a sentence we could probably run in pretty much any edition of the CMU Daily these days.

Perhaps we will. Let’s end every edition of the One Liners with “Peter Hook hates New Order, Morrissey is pissed off with his label/publisher/promoter, Azealia Banks isn’t releasing her debut album this week and Justin Bieber annoyed someone last night by being a bit of a twat”. The music industry may be in flux, but there are still some constants.

Anyway, Hook is specifically pissed off with his former bandmates today because they – or whoever manages their official Twitter feed – have just set up another profile on the microblogging platform with the @joydivision handle.

It’s pretty amazing that name was available. Perhaps its just been sitting dormant for a long time. Anyway, the new feed has been established to promote the previously reported new book of lyrics and notes written by late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, which you’ll all remember reading about in some detail here in CMU a couple of weeks back.

Although seemingly in the loop on the book (having signed copies of the limited edition version), Hook seemingly wasn’t told about the Twitter promotions, and as @neworder first plugged the new feed the bassist quickly responded: “Thanks for telling me… As a member of @joydivision it would have been nice to have been informed”. Which it probably would have been. Though, in fairness, he’s informed now.