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Hulu to air Fyre Festival documentary series

By | Published on Tuesday 17 April 2018

Fyre Festival

A multi-part documentary series about the disastrous Fyre Festival is set to air on US streaming service Hulu next year, reports The Hollywood Reporter. So that’s good news for Spotify subscribers Stateside.

Originally announced last year, the documentary is a co-production between film company Cinemart, music business magazine Billboard and online news service Mic. The show will combine interviews with previously unseen footage, leaked documents, emails and recordings. By the time the show airs in 2019, we’ll also know whether or not the festival’s founder Billy MacFarland is serving a lengthy jail sentence or not.

Fyre Festival, of course, was the music event due to take place on an island in the Bahamas in April and May last year. Marketed as a super luxurious experience, the festival collapsed just as people were arriving, as it became clear management hadn’t put in place the infrastructure for even a basic event, let alone the luxury set-up that had been promised.

Following the event’s collapse, various civil lawsuits were launched, before MacFarland was arrested on charges of fraud. Having pleaded guilty in the hopes of receiving a sentence less than the 40 years in prison he is potentially facing, he’ll find out if that plan paid off in June.