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Iceage merch stall selling t-shirts, knives and DNA

By | Published on Wednesday 1 August 2012


Copenhagen punks Iceage have re-stocked their US merchandise table with t-shirts, patches and knives bearing their logo. Wait… knives? Yes, knives.

But wait again, this isn’t as irresponsible as it sounds, oh no, because the band – who have been selling the blades at various American dates – don’t just hand them out to just anyone. Purely an under the counter item, they’ve added this written caveat to a sign on their merch stand: “No, you cannot ‘see’ it. No stabbing”. So you see, it’s only decorative, like the knife in that Katy Perry photo. And that didn’t offend anyone at all, did it?

Not only this, but the ‘New Brigade’ hitmakers are also selling locks of their own hair at a fixed $20 rate. This may seem extortionate, but bear in mind that buyers can specify which Iceager they’d like as their DNA-donor. And think of the cloning potential, you could have your own cloned Iceage for $80.

Anyway, you can browse the band’s bizarre new wares here. And please, no stabbing.