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Iceland to offer subsidy for international artists recording in its studios

By | Published on Monday 7 October 2019

Record In Iceland

Iceland’s music export office is launching a new scheme to encourage artists to utilise the country’s network of recording studios. Via a partnership with other Icelandic institutions like Promote Iceland, international acts who use a studio in the country will be able to apply for up to 25% of their costs – including travel and accommodation – to be covered.

The initiative is called Record In Iceland, and the boss of Iceland Music, Sigtryggur Baldursson, explains: “Because of our glorious isolation, Iceland has nurtured quite a unique music culture. But as well as developing a nation of poets and musicians, we also have a network of first class recording studios, each with their own idiosyncrasies”.

“Until now”, he goes on, “these studios have been something of a hidden secret, but our aim with Record In Iceland is to open these facilities to a far wider range of international artists and businesses, and to make them a compelling commercial proposition”.

The official blurb notes: “Reimbursement involves a short and straightforward application process, and Record In Iceland is open for music made for TV and film soundtracks as well as artist recordings. The flexible scheme will also incorporate rebates for foreign partnerships, where projects are part-recorded in multiple territories”.

The whole thing will be formally unveiled at next month’s Iceland Airwaves showcase festival, which also has an Airwaves Pro conference again this year. Industry people attending the event can opt-in for a tour of some of the participating studios.

More info about the programme is available here.