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ID&T fires back at Disney in Tomorrowland trademark dispute

By | Published on Friday 9 January 2015


So this is fun. When EDM festival franchise Tomorrowland launched in the US back in 2013 it hit on a snag, Disney owned the trademark in the name and wouldn’t let the EDM-ers use it. Its promoters, SFX-owned ID&T, opted for TomorrowWorld.

But now Disney is shopping a movie called ‘Tomorrowland: A World Beyond’ around the world but, hey, ID&T just happens to own the Tomorrowland trademark in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

So the dance music event makers are returning the favour and causing the Disney studios all kinds of issues regarding using that name for the film’s release in those markets. Which is fun, isn’t it?

Perhaps Team ID&T could team up with Deadmau5 to launch a new event called Disney Lawyers, Go Fuck Yourselves.