IFPI sues TPB admins through Finnish courts

By | Published on Tuesday 29 November 2011


The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has launched litigation in the Finnish courts against the current administrators of The Pirate Bay, calling on said unknown people to “stop facilitating the unauthorised distribution of music”, and to pay compensation to the IFPI’s members, and rights owners affiliated with Finland’s Copyright Information And Anti-Piracy Center, which is also involved in the legal action.

Quite why the IFPI thinks the Finnish judiciary can succeed where the Swedish courts have failed – ie to actually take the rogue file-sharing website offline – isn’t clear, although in reality the claim against the admins of TPB is a sideshow to the main action here, which is an attempt to get a court order forcing two Finnish ISPs, Sonera and DNA, to block access to the Pirate Bay site.

IFPI Finland successfully got such an order against another Finnish ISP, Elisa, earlier this year, although that net firm is appealing that ruling. If Elisa, Sonera and DNA were all forced to stop their customers from accessing The Pirate Bay, the IFPI say, that would block 80% of Finnish web users (or, at least, 80% of web users not tech savvy enough to circumvent ISP instigated blocks).

As previously reported, in the UK the BPI has also requested various ISPs block access to the Bay, citing the precedent set in the recent MPA v BT case over the file-sharing site Newzbin. The ISPs are yet to officially respond, though it is likely legal action will be required.