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Iggy Pop, The Clash and Lars Ulrich join 6music’s Christmas line-up

By | Published on Thursday 14 November 2013


Iggy Pop, The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, and Metallica drum hitter Lars Ulrich will all present shows on BBC 6music this Christmas, it has been announced. Pop will present two shows (one of Christmas Day, the other on New Year’s Day) about his own legacy, Ulrich will be interviewed by Matt Everitt on Christmas Day, and Simonon and Jones will play some records for a couple of hours on Boxing Day on a show going by the inventive name ‘This Is Radio Clash’.

Iggy Pop screamed in the voice normally saved for the weird puppet version of himself in those adverts he does: “To come up with the tunes that fit the concept of each show, I’ve had to dig back to things that I haven’t heard in a long, long time, but that still carry memories of joy and compulsion. I thought I better check these old numbers to see if they still made the grade for me. They still do”.

He added (switching to a surprising and accurate impersonation of Alan Wicker): “I was a little worried that the listening might feel ragged for the kind of people who can’t embrace Duane Eddy and, say, The Last Poets in the same hour with Doc Watson. Well, that’s too damn bad. I’ve listened to all this music for the shows and it all flows for me. I hope to reach out and touch you”.

Then 6music’s Head Of Programmes Paul Rodgers suddenly butted in, saying: “Iggy Pop, Paul Simonon, Mick Jones and Lars Ulrich are fascinating characters and have recorded some great shows, with a wide range of eclectic and exciting music choices which could only be heard on a station like BBC Radio 6music, and we hope they will delight our listeners over the festive period”.

We hoped to get back to Iggy’s amazing array of voices, but when we turned back he was skipping down the corridor slapping people on the forehead and telling them they were “cured”. I guess we’ll just have