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Iggy Pop to return to BBC 6 Music

By | Published on Tuesday 17 March 2015

Iggy Pop 6 Music

Iggy Pop is good at talking. We know this because everyone who heard his John Peel Lecture last year said it was amazing and inspiring, but we just read the transcript which made no sense at all. So we’ll make a note to listen to his new 6 Music show, rather than reading transcripts of it.

The news here, should you have missed it in that ironically waffly intro, is that Iggy Pop has been given a new show on BBC 6 Music, having previously filled in for Jarvis Cocker in his Sunday afternoon last year.

From 10 Apr, Pop will host a new two hour show on Friday nights from 7pm. In doing so, he’ll bump the start of Tom Ravenscroft’s show back to 9pm. Who loses out though? Well, fans of the 6 Mix guest slot, that’s who, because that’s being cut from the schedule to make way for the changes.

Says the Pop man: “Having sat in for Jarvis Cocker last year on BBC Radio 6 Music, I found myself realising how good it was for me. I hope it was good for somebody else too. So I’m gonna do it again this year, on early Friday evenings; what we call in the USA the ‘happy hour’. It’s kind of an edgy point right at the end of the designated work week, and I’ll try to play quite a bit of music that’s new and stimulating mixed with very old classics from the blues and jazz masters of the 1920s through 50s that are a little more moody. I’m gonna think of myself as a kind of atmospheric bartender. I’ll try to do my very best”.

That would have been much better if you’d heard him say it out loud. Something I think 6 Music’s Head Of Programmes Paul Rodgers agrees with. He said this: “It’s wonderful to be able to welcome back Iggy Pop to 6 Music. Iggy did great work on Sunday afternoons, fast becoming a new favourite for the 6 Music audience and I’m confident listeners will be every bit as appreciative of his new Friday evening slot. I’ve seen some of the music he’s planning to play and it’s really exciting”.