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Incubus sign to Island Records

By | Published on Friday 19 December 2014


Having taken that break that was more or less confirmed in March 2013, Incubus are now officially back to work, as confirmed by a big new deal they’ve signed with Universal’s Island Records.

Apparently the band have been writing new material for a while now, and, as they’ve been ‘in between labels’ until the Island signing (their deal with Sony’s Epic Records having ended in 2012), have felt able to take their time.

In Mike Einziger’s words (via Billboard): “The recording has been fantastic, it’s been amazing. We didn’t have any plans to make this record. Just having no horizon to look at was important for us. We needed that”.

And by ‘this record’, he means an LP’s worth of tracks split into a pair of EPs, the first of which will be released in February, and the next later in 2015. Of the track titles confirmed so far, Einziger has named ‘Make Out Party’ – the band’s “heaviest song”; “loud aggressive rock song” ‘Dance Like You’re Dumb’; and lead single ‘Trust Fall’, which the band gave a first live play to the other day at KROQ’s ‘Almost Acoustic Xmas’.

Like so: