Industry sources positive about next MySpace revamp

By | Published on Monday 11 June 2012


According to Billboard, various US record industry types have spoken positively about an in development new look MySpace. Chatter began last month about yet another revamp for the one time king of social networking as PR Week reported that the digital platform’s newish owners Specific Media were sounding out PR agencies about a possible relaunch campaign later this year.

Insiders say that key to the next MySpace revamp will be an overhaul of artist pages, stepping up the ways in which artists can engage with, provide content for and possibly sell to their fans. Late last year there was rumour that MySpace was also looking into moving into the fan club management space, providing the tools via which artists could provide low-cost subscription access to original digital content, though it’s not clear if that is part of the revamp certain American record industry types have seemingly seen.

Billboard says that MySpace “wants once again to be music fans’ favoured place on the web to discover new music”, which I’m not sure it ever really was (it was more the favoured place to go and listen to music from bands you’d heard about elsewhere), but it seems Specific Media remains convinced that the future for its $35 million acquisition remains in music.

So, perhaps we will all have to start updating our artist profiles on MySpace again before the end of the year. Though the big promotion planned for the relaunch is apparently one of those tedious battle of the bands that marketing agencies always come up with when asked to do something with “new music”, so I wouldn’t be too certain about that just yet.