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Injunction blocking unofficial Prince release extended, but estate must post $1 million bond

By | Published on Thursday 4 May 2017


A federal judge has extended the temporary injunction preventing the release of an unofficial Prince EP, though the late musician’s estate will need to post a $1 million bond to keep the ban in place.

As previously reported, last month producer Ian Boxill announced that he was planning to put out a six track EP of previously unreleased Prince tracks, via a label services company called Rogue Music Alliance, to coincide with the first anniversary of the late musician’s death. The new tracks were seemingly the output of some collaborations the producer worked on with Prince between 2006 and 2008, which Boxill has since completed.

The Prince estate was not impressed with Boxill’s plan. It said the producer was breaching a contract between him and Prince which stated that ownership of any recordings the two men collaborated on would stay with the musician, rather then the producer. To that end the estate went to court seeking a speedy injunction stopping the imminent release of what was to be called the ‘Deliverance’ EP.

It got that injunction, with the judge ordering Boxill to hand over the masters of his work with Prince to the estate. Though that court order was temporary and, according to the StarTribute, was reviewed earlier this week. The judge declined to provide the estate with a more long-term injunction, but extended the current ban until 22 May.

However, she also requested that the estate post a bond of $1 million by 5pm on 12 May. Failure to do so would result in the injunction expiring, so that Boxill could put out his EP after all.