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Interpol announce marauding new album

By | Published on Friday 8 June 2018


Interpol announced at a press conference in Mexico City yesterday that they will release their new album, ‘Marauder’, on 24 Aug.

“‘Marauder’ is a facet of myself”, said the band’s Paul Banks. “That’s the guy that fucks up friendships and does crazy shit. He taught me a lot, but it’s representative of a persona that’s best left in song. In a way, this album is like giving him a name and putting him to bed”.

“This record is where I feel touching on real things that have happened to me are exciting and evocative to write about”, he continued. “I think in the past, I always felt autobiography was too small a thing for me to reference. I feel like now, I’m able to romanticise parts of my own life”.

The first track from the album, ‘The Rover’, is out now. And you can watch the full press conference here, if you like that sort of thing: