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Ionnalee releases new Com Truise collaboration

By | Published on Thursday 8 June 2017

Ionna Lee

Ionnalee of Iamamiwhoami has released a new single, ‘Not Human’, a collaboration with Com Truise.

“Ionnalee is me, with a history stretching further back than iamamiwhoami, continuing my progress past it”, she says of her latest project. “I collaborated mostly with myself and pushed through from co-producer to producer, experimenting with the mixing of organic and electronic genres, moods, soundscapes and beats, putting my voice in focus”.

“It’s about making music for the passion of it and releasing my work as it’s intended to be received”, she continues. “It’s less money, but there are no boundaries, no deadlines and no censorship. I want to be able to look back on my full body of work in the larger perspective and know that it was made with pure intentions”.

Watch the video for ‘Not Human’ here: