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Is Justin Bieber on a mission to destroy all nature?

By | Published on Wednesday 26 February 2020

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has released the second in a series of ‘nature visuals’ (aka music videos) to promote his new album ‘Changes’. They’re called ‘nature visuals’ because each of the videos sees Bieber frolicking about in nature – something that’s got him into trouble before.

The first video, for ‘ETA’, was released last week, and it is now followed by a second for the album’s title track. Two more are set to follow in the coming weeks, all of them exclusive to Apple Music. Biebo explains: “These videos were all shot in places in nature that meant something to me over the years and I’m THRILLED that my fans get to experience the music with these concepts in mind”.

The ‘Changes’ video sees him sitting on logs, dancing around a campfire and larking about on a frozen lake in his native Ontario, Canada. The locations are somewhat vague, which is perhaps a sign that Bieber is being careful after last time he did this sort of thing.

Back in 2015, Bieber filmed the video for ‘I’ll Show You’ in Iceland’s Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. The subsequent tourist rush to the canyon’s unspoiled landscape began to put it at risk of being very much spoiled, resulting in the Icelandic tourist board closing it to visitors in March last year. It reopened a few months later, but some tourist guides still refer to it as ‘Bieber’s Canyon’, which probably isn’t helpful.

Iceland’s Environment Minister Gudmundur Ingi Gudbrandsson said at the time of the closure that it would be “a bit too simplistic to blame the entire situation on Justin Bieber”. But now he’s at it again, so let us ask this: is Justin Bieber on a mission to destroy all nature?

OK, as noted, this time he’s been somewhat vague about the exact filming locations of his new videos. But that probably means that his fans will now trample over larger areas of natural beauty in order to find them, causing even more damage. Come on Justin, what’s wrong with filming videos in a warehouse or by some bins?

You can watch the full ‘Changes’ video on Apple Music. Or you can watch 44 seconds of it on YouTube. Even that’s probably too much. I can feel nature dying as I write this. Probably better to just listen to the song on Spotify and look at some bins. Or – our default in any given situation – watch this classic video of Justin Bieber walking into a door: