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Italy and France also report record industry revenue increases in 2013

By | Published on Friday 7 February 2014


Following optimistic growth stats from the record industries in Norway, Sweden and Germany, two more European markets have just published financials for 2013 that are showing increases in the money generated by recorded music.

In Italy, according to figures from Deloitte and the record industry’s FIMI organisation revenues were up 4% last year to 117.6 million euros (though that did include brand partnership income that Italian labels are increasingly sharing in, but if you take just CD, download and streaming income alone there is still a 2% increase).

Digital income went up 18%, though still only accounts for 32% of record industry revenues overall in Italy. Within the digital domain both streaming services and download stores saw monies go up, with the former now accounting for 38% of the digital music market, an increase from 31% in 2012.

Over in France, industry group SNEP has reported a rise of 2.3% in 2013, though the digital market there seems to be stagnating, seeing just a 0.6% rise overall as streaming income rose a little, but download sales dropped slightly. Physical sales actually rose 1% in France last year, while public performance income and the like is definitely in growth mode.

It’s worth noting that, even with the slight revenue increases that occurred in recorded music in various European markets last year, the record industry is still a long way off its 1990s peak, though in many cases these are the first signs of growth in a decade and are resulting in some new optimism. Plus, of course, many labels are now also tapping other music business revenue streams beyond recorded music, and in most cases those extra revenues are not included in industry stats.