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By | Published on Monday 27 June 2022

Four Tet

With so much going on all the bloody time, we know it can be hard to keep up with all the music business news that we feature here in the CMU Daily. So, if you are super busy and just need to know the basics of what’s happening, don’t forget the CMU Digest, which we publish on our website every Sunday. It provides concise summaries of the five key music business developments of the last week that you need to be aware of.

Yesterday’s Digest covered Four Tet reaching a settlement with Domino on streaming royalties; two former MegaUpload execs pleading guilty to various charges in New Zealand in relation to the long defunct file transfer platform; Ed Sheeran getting his legal fees covered following the judgement in the ‘Shape Of You’ song-theft case; IMPALA’s comments on the ever evolving fair artist remuneration debate; and Sony insisting that a dispute over the Jimi Hendrix Experience recordings should be heard in the New York courts, not in London.

You can check out the Digest here.

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