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iTunes Radio global expansion should be underway by early 2014

By | Published on Tuesday 8 October 2013


Apple plans to expand its much hyped iTunes Radio streaming service beyond the US by early 2014, according to Bloomberg. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK are the markets at the top of the iTunes Radio agenda, according to insiders, while the Nordic region of Europe is also likely to get the new Apple service early next year.

Apple can expand its iTunes streaming platform globally faster than chief US rival Pandora because it has direct deals with the major labels, whereas Pandora relies in the States on the statutory licence provided by US copyright law, which isn’t available in most other territories. Though, with Apple keen to minimise its costs as it roles out iTunes Radio, the tech firm will need to ensure brand partnerships are in place in each new market it targets.

As it arrives in Europe, it will be interesting to see how the Apple service impacts on Spotify et al, with most of the leading streaming services over here operating the fully on-demand model, rather than the interactive radio approach that dominates in the US market.