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Playlist: Ivan Brackenbury

By | Published on Sunday 22 August 2010

Hapless hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury has become something of a regular fixture at the Edinburgh Fringe in recent years, and received an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination in 2007. The live show sees Brackenbury bumble through a radio broadcast with inappropriate records and fluffed cues and was adapted into a programme for Radio 2 last year.

Ivan is the creation of comedian and presenter Tom Binns, who has appeared on shows like ‘Knowing Me Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge’, ‘Friday Night Armistice’, ‘Fist Of Fun’, ‘The IT Crowd’ and BBC One spy drama ‘Spooks’ and wrote sketches for ‘Trigger Happy TV’.

As a radio presenter himself, he managed to score a record-breaking fine for Xfm when he discussed bestiality on his breakfast show, and was sacked from Birmingham station BRMB after he cut off the Queen’s Christmas Day speech, which had been played into his show by mistake, saying “Two words – bore ring”. These are just two more reasons why we love Binns.

You can catch Ivan and fellow Binns creation, psychic Ian D Montfort, at the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh daily until 30 Aug. The latter has written an exclusive column for our sister media ThreeWeeks, which you can access here.

For this week’s Powers Of Ten playlist, Ivan Brackenbury pulled out all his hospital radio DJing skills to select some fine pop records, each one dedicated to one of the patients or staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Click here to listen to Ivan’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his selections.

01 Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
That’s a request for Dave on Ward 3 who’s got massive ears and is having them pinned back.

02 Elkie Brooks – Pearl’s A Singer

Playing this for a musical lady on Ward 6 who’s got very bad piles.

03 Take That – Patience

For Doctor Crew, whose department specialises in dwarves.

04 Phil Collins – Two Hearts

This song’s for Siamese twins that are joined at the head.

05 Labi Siffre – Something Inside So Strong

A chap coming to A&E with a He-Man action figure stuck up his bum.

06 Primal Scream – Rocks

This is for Robert who is now Roberta, after having a painful gender re-alignment operation.

07 Queen  – We Will Rock You

This track is for Aisha, who is a single mum from Saudi Arabia.

08 La-Mour – Torn Between Two Lovers

For Sandra, who was last seen going into a hotel with two footballers. She was admitted to A&E a few hours later with what was described as painful spit roasting injuries. Fancy cooking at that time of
night in a hotel room.

09 Level 42 – Running In The Family

This is for John – he’s very short sighted. It’s genetic, it’s passed down to him on his father’s side, and it also effects his sister Emily and his brother Joe.

10 George Backer Selection – Little Green Bag

To John and his new colostomy.