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Jack Daniel’s takes over The Macbeth

By | Published on Wednesday 10 September 2014

Jack Rocks

Jack Daniel’s has announced a takeover, of sorts, at East London venue The Macbeth as part of a new music programme called Jack Rocks.

The drinks brand will be in situ for four months at the Hoxton pub, staging a series of gigs and other music-related events alongside The Macbeth’s own music programme. Meanwhile media partnerships with NME and Spotify will aim to promote it all beyond the building, with a space installed within the venue for the purposes of reportage.

Explaining the rationale behind the venture, Jack Daniel’s Senior Brand Manager Michael Boaler told CMU: “Pop ups aren’t a new thing, but I feel it’s the way you do it that’s important. Our ambition is that Jack Rocks The Macbeth is more than a gig space for Jack Daniel’s and music fans, but it’s also a place that music industry folk and budding legends of the future can go to learn more about the industry. The essence and aura of a real venue, rather than an event space or disused shop, chimes with what Jack Daniel’s has been doing for years. Small venues are vital for developing artists to learn their craft, so anything we can do to shine a light on them is fine by us”.

On how the Jack Rocks event programme will fit in with what is already happening at the venue, Boaler added: “We’re working closely with the promoters at The Macbeth to ensure everything works in harmony, so there will continue to be gigs programmed specifically by the venue. Jack Rocks The Macbeth events will add something extra to what already happens there as we don’t want to detract from what has made the place famous”.

Jack Rocks The Macbeth kicked off last night with a gig from Moats, while La Roux will play at the venue on Monday. You can read our full interview with Boaler about the venture here.