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Jack White categorically not working with The Libertines

By | Published on Monday 8 September 2014

Jack White

Jack White has denied the existence of any links between him and a potential new Libertines LP, despite Pete Doherty seeming to think the exact opposite.

It all began way, way back, with Pete D chatting away blithely to French TV station D8 re his band’s fabled post-reconciliation record, which may or may not be released next year. “Jack White says he’d like to do it”, Doherty said. “I’d love him to do it, it would be amazing, but I don’t want to get too hopeful”.

So that’s what he said. And having heard what he said, Jack White felt he had to act quickly to clarify his real involvement in the whole sorry affair. And his involvement is, apparently, none.

Basically White had one of his official ‘reps’ get on the phone to the NME, telling the mag that he had never expressed an interest in working with The Libertines. So yeah, while that deals with the past tense, what of ‘future possibilities’ of a White-Libertines collaboration? Maybe this is all a clever red herring-type tactic by Jack White, the cunning fox. It probably isn’t, though.